Wish Garden for Meet and Greet Night

Hey there! Just a quick jot this morning to tell you about my Wish Garden!

First I started with making a list of all the little wishes that I could use in the classroom this year: printer ink, labels, gift cards, movies, games, etc. It's a WISH list so anything goes. Put what you want on there, parents may surprise you!!

Then I made this little garden by creating Poppies (Wizard of Oz!!) in Publisher, printing them out in full color (I totally need a laser printer.....), and laminating them with my portable laminator so they'd be stiffer. I found some colorful pencils and taped the flower to them. The little buckets are from Target and I filled them halfway with sand and stuck the pencils in them. I had sand in my classroom but you could use beans or beads or something of that nature. 

Parents can "pick" the flower they want to donate and the kids get to keep the fun pencil!! It came out so cute and inviting. I put it out for Meet and Greet night and I'll put it out for Open House in two weeks. Some parents already picked wishes! 

{HERE} is a copy of the poppies for you to use and edit. 

How do you use a wish list in your classroom? What are some of the things you want? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading and happy school year!

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