It's that time of year again! March brings in a flurry of leprechauns, clovers, and pretty much just green everywhere!! I love St. Patrick's Day! So in honor of the upcoming holiday, I've created a math bundle. 

This is a HUGE bundle including the following: 
- place value matching activity with number bonds and recording page. Match 10s plus ones to make teen numbers

- Place value worksheet practice

- Mystery picture hundreds chart coloring page

- Leprechaun place value craft 

- Odd and Even Pot of Gold activity with recording page
- Ways to make 100 game

- RDW Anchor Chart

- Problem Solving Booklet

Hope you can use this over the next few weeks!!! 



I'm having a sale!!! All the cool kids are doing it, so I joined in. Lol. To celebrate TpT being 3 million teachers strong, everything in my store is 20% off for the next two days. Make sure to check it out and shop around other stores, too during this super sale event. Time to stock up!!! Have a look: 

So I've been trying super hard to get my firsties fluent in basic facts.
A big part of first grade is becoming fluent with basic facts. This new little packet has two tests for each fact, 0's through 12's.

I LOVE the Wizard of Oz!! In fact my classroom theme will be Oz next year. Soooo excited!!! So I made this little packet and have been testing my kiddos. 
This set includes 12 sets of two fact tests, 12 sets of flash cards, 12 mastery certificates, and a mastery recording page. I give each child a set of flash cards, printed front and back on cardstock, hole-punched with a binder ring to study before taking the test. 

I put a set of flashcards and extra copies of the A test in a math center for practice with basic facts during math block. They can quiz and time their buddies for extra practice. 

For the first A set, all problems are written with the fact currently being tested first (e.g. 1+6, 1+8). The second B set, the facts are written both ways (e.g. 6+1, 1+8, 7+1). I start with A and once they can answer correctly all 26 questions in two minutes or less I give them the B set. Same rules apply - 2 minutes or less correctly. Then I give them the next set of flash cards and a certificate.

I've also included a mastery page for teachers to keep record.
They get to add their name to our Yellow Brick Road of Mastered Fact Fluency (I cut out yellow "bricks" from construction paper and they write their name and the fact that they mastered and we put the brick on a wall!)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to find this little packet!!

Hope you can use this!!

Pretzel Place Value!!

We have been working hard on Engage NY: A Story of Units Module 4 - place value with tens and ones. I thought I would make it a little more fun by adding snacks!! Food always sparks more interest. We are using pretzel sticks as tens and marshmallows as ones. The kids love it!! So I've created a little lesson plan and center activity. Here are some pics:

Here is what is included: 
Pretzel rods and marshmallow cards
Standard form number cards
Place value number cards
Whole group number cards
Recording pages: 3 styles from which to choose
2 center name cards: one including using pretzels and marshmallows in the center and one without
Place value mat
Ideas for teaching, using in lessons, and/or centers
Pretzel Problem Solving Booklet
Challenge activity - use Cheese Nip crackers as hundreds!

Pretzel Place Value
Have fun with this one!!


PS Louisiana is "adopting" Eureka Math which is a new fancy name for Engage NY: A Story of Units. It's the exact same thing, just a new name. 

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