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A couple of weeks ago, I posted this on Instagram.

Always a working lunch... 

Many comments were made about how they loved this and wanted to know how I create it. So I thought I'd share!
I start with a blank template. I created my lesson planner using (of course!) PowerPoint. 

I just inserted a table and made the boxes fit my needs. I added my name and the date. Then I created Month at a Glance pages, months, and then duplicated enough pages to stretch my entire year. The file came to 101 pages, 2 page spread per week. 

I also included some blank pages in the back for faculty meeting notes and next year ideas.

And then I printed out the entire file, two sided. Ran it through my binding machine, and bound it for the year. 

Speaking of binding machines, mine is awesome! I got it at Office Depot. It's a Swingline Pro Click.

You can buy the spines and precut paper, too, if you don't want to invest in the machine. 

This little machine is perfect for how I use it. I've bound a lot of things!
So after I've printed and bound my planner for the year, I'm ready!

I take the blank planner book with me to grade level meetings with my team for planning. I write plans in pencil. 

Not pretty, I know. 

Then later on I type up my written plans in the blank template I made in PowerPoint. It really doesn't take long and I suppose I could just keep the penciled plans and use them, but it's not pretty!! And there are no pictures! 

Print them out and all that's left is to glue them on top of the penciled plans for prettiness. 

And that's it. Easy peasy. 
Now you have a chance to win this for yourself! A bound, personalized hard copy and the digital template! 

Enter the rafflecopter here: 

Winner will be chosen March 11.

Don't want to wait? 

You can buy the file here, complete with instructions and pictures on how to make it your own. It's on sale this week for half off! 

Thanks for reading!
Hey guys! Happy Friday!

I had a very busy week so I'm excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

My week started on Saturday when I presented at West Baton Rouge Parish Schools Mini LaCUE conference. I presented on creating HyperDocs using Google Docs. You can check out the presentation and work through a first grade HyperDoc {HERE}

The best part? I got to hang out and catch up with my friend over at Pelicans and Pipsqueaks, Kristi! 
She rocked her presentation on QR Codes!

I also got to play a game of Breakout Edu which was a lot of fun! A room full of adults trying to unlock 5 different locks whilst rummaging through a librarians stash of seemingly unsuspecting loot. 
We eventually solved it (after 44 minutes!) and discovered the culprit behind the missing eBooks on MackinVia. I can see its uses in a middle school or high school classroom in regards to technology. I was trying to think how my 26 first graders would do when told to go look through a pile of stuff for clues. I will definitely have to read up more on this activity!

I got another project posted on Donors Choose! I'm asking for 10 tablets to complete my collection in the classroom. If I get this one funded, I will have 1:1 in my room! I'm so excited about the possibilities! 

Please share if you can! 

It was Read Across America Week! I made shirts for my first grade team. 
Don't we look great? 
You can read about how I made them and grab a template {HERE}

The kids loved making all things Seuss this week. My favorite? 
Jennifer's Directed Drawing of the famous cat from First Grade Blue Skies. 

They are just fabulous little budding artists!

And that's all for this week! Have a great weekend!
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