Good morning! Just a quick share today! How are you doing with COVID-19? Is your school doing remote learning? Has your school year been canceled? I am so tired of quarantine, but I know it's for the best!

I had another Sunday Storytime with my kiddos, except it was on a Wednesday! My Internet was working VERY poorly on Sunday so I had to reschedule. It was so much fun seeing the kiddos faces again! I really do miss them.

So I read the book, Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst.

SUCH AN ADORABLE BOOK! It's hilarious, and a great way to introduce our next #DistanceLearning unit in Social Studies which is all about Basic Economics.

I've got ten lessons that I'll be "teaching" remotely, with various online activities. And by teaching I mean posting on Google Classroom everyday!

We aren't allowed to give required assignments or required activities that the students HAVE to do. We can only give out optional resources and activities. I know that the majority of my students can't or won't do the work, but it's still helpful to make sure I put enough information and activities out there for the students who will do or want to do work during this time.

So I created this little money counting activity!

Students will look at the item that Alexander spent his money on, then move the correct amount of coins to the box.

Want a Google Slides copy? 

Have a great day!
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