We finally made it to September. August seriously felt like it would never ever end. But here we are. 

It's time for all things pumpkin, spooky season, and cooler weather. I don't know when we will get that weather, but I've already decorated for Halloween (I needed the endorphins) and I'm well on my way to baking all the pumpkin goodies. 

Spice Cakesicles!

Macarons! They WILL turn your mouth black. Oops. 


But I'm aware that not everyone is as pumpkin loving as I am. So I have this fun APPLE themed freebie for you. 
September always makes me think of Apples. Target has a delicious apple pie ice cream that has pieces of apples and oatmeal and brown sugar crumble and Carly and I DEVOURED a pint in about five minutes flat. 

So in this digital freebie, kiddos will click and drag and drop Fact Family Apples on trees to match the numbers. 

It's great practice for click and drag on Chromebooks or tablets for little fingers. 

At work we got some new cameras and a new teleprompter! 

I'll be using these to teach the kids about photography. I used to teach this to middle schoolers at my old school, but I'm going to adapt it to 4th and 5th graders. We will be documenting each grade's journey to their productions, and I want the kiddos to be the ones doing it. 

Here is a Google Slideshow I'll be using. It talks about the different types of shots that can be taken with a camera or video camera. Click here to grab a copy for yourself. 

And finally this week ended on a positive! Two, if you count the fact that it's a three day weekend! 

Admin came in clutch with these nachos for lunch.
Cheeky little sign. I love nachos with jalapeños and these were no exception. 

I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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