Digital Citizenship in the Classroom: How to use Common Sense to Promote Healthy and Safe Digital Citizens

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share what I'm doing in my Media Arts class to help them become responsible digital citizens.

I have been using Common Sense Media's online curriculum. Have you heard of this? It's AMAZING. It has everything you would possibly want. They have a dedicated page for educators and you can download the PDFs for free. Um, yes please!!!


Thoughts on Thursday: Are You Ready for Some Football?

I'm so excited that this is Thursday and my friend Kristi from Pelicans and Pipsqueaks and I are launching our monthly link-up of teacher thoughts!  Thoughts on Thursday is a weekly teacher blog link up where we talk about our thoughts on a specific subject. Sometimes we'll talk about classroom stuff, and sometimes we'll talk about life in general. You may even grab a freebie or two along the way ;)

It has been a wild month of August and I am beyond ready to get back into the swing of things. So this month - Football!!

So it won't come as any surprise, but living in Baton Rouge, I'm a little bit of a Tigers fan.

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