Bring some fun into your sequence of events lessons with this easy to set up sequencing activities packet. With this "plug and play" packet you can add sequencing centers, forms, and games into any lesson or program you have in your classroom.

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This packet includes:
  • Ideas for lessons/teaching
  • Sequence of Events Anchor Chart and anchor chart pictures
  • Interactive Notebook activities (4)
  • Story Sequence template
  • Sequence Sets (4, 5, and 6)Sequence of 4 – five different sequence sorts
    • Sequence of 5 – five different sequence sorts
    • Sequence of 6 – three different sequence sorts
    • Each sequence has a sorting mat
    • Answer keys for each
    • Cut and paste recording pages for each

  • Paragraph frame
  • Open writing page
  • How To Writing Center Activity5 How To Flip Books
    • 2 writing pages
    • 1 brochure template

  • Build Your Own Pizza Follow the Directions Game
    • Recording page
    • 8 task cards
    • Pizza toppings and template

Class Cookbook Template (also included as a digital activity)

Would you like a free sample? Here ya go!


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 It's testing week. 

I don't like testing week. I don't like testing. I've never been a fan of standardized testing and I look forward to the day our society becomes enlightened enough to rid ourselves of such an arbitrary and superfluous waste of time and we realize that students, teachers, and schools are more than a test score. 

Here in Louisiana, we take the LEAP test. For 3rd-5th, it's 3 sessions of Math, 3 sessions of ELA, 2 sessions of Science and 2 sessions of SS (or 3, in 5th grade). Each session is roughly 65-90 minutes. EACH. That's a very long time that our kiddos sit in silence and stare at a computer screen in a room that has been stripped of all colorful and helpful materials and decorations that they've been using all year and suddenly it's not okay. 

However, regardless of my personal feelings the test must go on. So I try to make it fun for the testing administrators. 

(the kids also get treats from their teachers and donations from parents throughout the week, but this post isn't about them!)

As School Testing Coordinator (STC) I'm in charge of disseminating all testing information and materials to testing administrators at school.  So they come to my office every morning and pickup a testing bucket filled with all the needed stuff. 

And I include a cookie!

Since I also own and operate The Most Magical Bakery on Earth, I have experience making and baking all sorts of cookies and sweet treats. 

This year I made: 

  • Brown butter chocolate chip cookies
  • M&M's and chocolate chip cookies
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Sugar cookies
You can find some of my recipes on my other website, HERE

I also made little notes and puns to attach to each cookie. 
I think the prescription pills are my favorite!

These were super easy to make. Just cut cookie dough into triangles using a pizza cutter. Bake and cool. Dye some cookie icing yellow, and then pipe it in a droopy manner on the cooled cookies. When they are dry, use an edible food marker to draw some faces on the cheese. 

For Friday, I gave some colored hearts and a simple little "we love you" note. 

Monday is the last day! I am planning on giving these cookie dippers. Also a super simple way of making a sweet treat. I bought THESE (affiliate link) parfait cups on Amazon. Then I made several small circle sugar cookies. I made some buttercream icing and piped it into the top of the parfait cups and added some sprinkles (you could also just use canned icing from the store). The teachers can dip the cookie in the icing and enjoy!

You can grab a copy of my cookie tags here on my blog. CLICK HERE to make a copy to your Google Drive. 

Do you have standardized testing? How do you make the week/days/time go by? 

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