Happy Wednesday Night to all!! I hope your week is going great! We've got 16 days left of school. 16. SIXTEEN! That's crazy soon for me. I mean, wasn't it just January yesterday?

Well, regardless, the end of the year is coming, which means summer is coming which means the NEW school year will be here before you know it! 

And don't I know it! My new student teacher visited today to get a feel of the school and the classroom. She is so adorably cute and vibrant and I think she is going to do wonderful with the students next year! Even though she won't be with this group of firsties, she was awesome with them! She jumped right in and was talking, visiting, helping, and teaching with my littles. 

I made her this adorable planner to help her get a good footing for the coming year. I bound it and personalized it. And I didn't take any pictures of it! I don't know what I was thinking. But here are some still pics of the file that I've posted on TpT. 

This adorable, superhero themed survival planner is perfect for an incoming future teacher HERO!!

You can print it out, put it in a binder, folder, or bind it with a binding machine. Your student teacher will feel so special when you present him or her with a planner specifically designed for them!!

Teacher information
Websites and passwords
Helpful websites
Class list
Class schedule
Student groups
Calendar June 2015-May 2016
Week at a glance
Month at a glance
Meeting log
Meeting notes
Next year planning
Super ideas
Super notes

All of the pages are editable so you can type teacher and school names, a letter to the student, class lists, class schedule, websites, contact information, and student grouping.

Teachers can pick and choose the pages to print and place in the planner. A lot of the pages are generic and can be used in a regular planner.

[CLICK HERE] to grab a copy!

Do you have a student teacher? Hope to get one? Or maybe you are a student teacher!! How awesome!!

Well here's to everybody finishing off their school year with a bang!! Happy Teaching :)
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful and productive weekend! I went home to see my family and get my car A/C fixed because man! It has been HOT here.

We are somehow quickly approaching the end of this school year. 19 days left!! 

Here is a peek at my week:

We are still working hard on our How Does Your Garden Grow Unit. Last week we planted our seeds and set them out to grow. We got lots of rain the past couple of days with some sun peeking through so we shall see tomorrow!

We are also reading all about how insects grow and change and help out with plants and seeds and nature in general. Our read alouds focus on the different insects, their habitats, diets, and how they help. 

This week we are also working on calendar and time. Lots of fun activities for center work this week! Here is a simple make your own clock activity that I'll be putting in our Model It! center for math. Click on the pics for a free copy. 

They will cut out the clock (copied onto cardstock or backed with construction paper) and put the two circles together. Attach the hands. Write the numbers on the top circle and cut between the flaps. Under the flaps they can write/count by five to easily tell the time to five minutes. Which isn't a specific first grade skill, but it's still nice to introduce!

Here is a look at the sheet we send home to the parents. 

Also, Friday night is our Mayfair May Fair! The theme: Swamp Stomp!
If you are in the Baton Rouge area Friday night come swing by for some FREE family fun! 

Well I hope you have a fabulous week!! 

Happy Teaching!!

Here is a quick look at what is going on in my classroom this week. Our field trip got rescheduled from last Friday because of the unbelievable amount of rain we received! So we are going on Thursday. We are also planting this week and I've got a Renaissance Learning PD on Wednesday so I won't be at school.

We are doing a mobile on Thursday abou the Life Cycle of a Strawberry.

You can grab a free copy {HERE}

Also doing some Print and Go Centers: 

Punctuation Pocket Chart Sort available {HERE}

This spinner is for me when I introduce whole classs. 

Spin a Word inflectional endings can be found {HERE}

25 days left. 25!! I can't believe how fast the final days are approaching. There's just not enough time! 

Hope you have a great week!
Happy Teaching :)

Happy Sunday :)

My spring break is almost over but it has been productive! A full day has been had by all - swimming, apartment hunting, visiting, eating, cleaning, working. A teacher/mother's job is never done. Wouldn't trade it for the world though.

Just thought I'd share a quick jot tonight. Give you a little look into my week. I've spent YEARS trying to find the proper lesson plan format that works for me. I think I have finally done it this time!

It's fun, it's colorful, it's clipart-ed. I've got the standards and the objectives, and the prep. LOVE!! 
My small group plans are of a similar format. 

This week we've got Plants on the brain. We will be learning all about the life cycle, reading some wonderful books, and we will end the week with the best field trip EVER. We are going to Mrs. Heather's Strawberry Farm in Albany, LA. We went last year and had a blast. The kiddos get to run around and pick strawberries straight from the vine. There's a petting zoo and a pillow jumper. Mrs. Heather gives them a lesson in strawberry planting and growing. The bus ride is quite a stretch for my firsties but once we get there they forget all about that. And they are so worn out from the patch that they can barely stay awake on the ride back. But oh, when we get back and they have their clamshell of strawberries, they wake up quick and want to talk all about it!

In Reading we are on Lesson 26 of Journeys with The Dot. Our writing activity is on opinions so we will be painting our own dots and then writing our opinions about our friends' paintings. Keeping art alive in the classroom!! I love paint!! 

A little bit more about my planning: 
In my planning binder I keep these, the small group plans, and the materials lists for math and science/ss. I try to keep these plans updated by Thursday of each week so I can spend my Planning on Friday prepping the centers and materials for the next week. A lot of times Sometimes this doesn't happen. :) I've spent more than enough time at home with books and plans and products spiraled around me planning. Netflix really helps. 

How do you plan for the week? What is your favorite planner? Do you make your own? 

Happy Teaching!

Happy Easter to all! I hope everyone is having a lovely spring and Easter so far. Since we don't have any family close by, we are staying home and resting up this Easter Sunday. It's also Spring Break! But of couse as a teacher's job is never done, I am spending my holidays planning and creating!

We are partnered with the LSU lab school and we meet all the time to make sure that our curriculum is in line with their curriculum. It is never too early to start plannng for the next year, so we are preparing to meet again right after spring break. Must have our plan in place so we can discuss what we're doing and when!!

This is a rough draft of what we do each year. Granted, sometimes things get pushed back or skipped or we have to extend units, etc. But for the most part this is what we do in ELA and Science/Social Studies. Our math is handled completly different. That's my next tackle. 

If you are interested in your own editable copy of our plan, you can find it {HERE}. Just delete my text and fill in with your nformation. (btw the hyperlinked text is connected to the item in my TpT store)

Happy Teaching!
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