Wow!! The Journeys Interactive Notebook for first grade has been unbelievably popular!!! Not only on my TpT store but also in my classroom! We have been working hard on creating our notebooks. The students are doing wonderful. I wanted to share a bit how I do them in the classroom.

I mostly use the activities as an exit ticket after teaching the mini lesson, before the students move into Daily 5. I've also added an extra center to the Daily 5 as the Interactive Notebook Center. This is used as an early finisher activity - for when they finish their work.

We are currently finishing up Lesson 10 in Unit 2 and planning on doing a review week next week along with From Seed to Pumpkin! I've been super busy at school so I've not been able to work as much on the INBs for Unit 3 as I would have liked but they are on their way!

So that being said, here is Lesson 11 for Unit 3!!

So many fun activities to work on! 
Lesson 11 focuses on: 

High frequency words (8 this unit)
Digraph th and spelling words with th
Base words and –s, -es, -ed, -ing endings
Proper nouns
Classify and categorize words
Author’s purpose
Informative writing

You can grab your copy of Lesson 11 {HERE} on sale for $1!! 


Geometry is fun!!! We've go so many good activities that go along with learning about shapes! Normally we wait until the spring to teach about geometry, but our new math series has it as Chapter 5. No worries! We just go with the flow - next yeaar we are designing our own Math curriculum, so stay tuned!!!

I found this{{totes adorbs activity}} from Around the Kampfire and totally immediately purchased it from TpT. It was amazingly easy to teach and the kids loved it.

Here are our finished projects:

Just in time for our Magnet Open House tours. How do you feel about Geometry? Anything special you teach?


I am so excited to share this one with you!!! My kiddos love when I pull out the 120 board because they know that we are about to get up and moving and having fun, all while learning!!

Recently, I found some adorable fall leaves and miniature fall squash at the Dollar Tree. I immediately started thinking about what we could do with these things. I already created and posted my Spin and Subtract game that you can grab for FREE for a limited time and the kids loved it!! 

Now, I've come up with some different activities to do wiht my giant 120 board. 
I bought a Dollar Tree white shower curtain and cut it in half and divided it up into 12 rows of ten. I wrote the numbers 1-120 in black sharpie marker. I first used it last year during Easter time with some wind up chicks and we did Greater Than and Less Than. 


But now that it's Fall and I found all that cute stuff at Dollar Tree, I've created a new packet: 

With lots of ready made ideas for you to use: 

I've got you covered with some generic recording pages for accountability: 

And some Fun Fall themed manipulatives in case your Dollar Tree is sold out: 

I just know my firsties are gonna love playing with these math games. Grab your free packet right {{HERE}}!!


How's y'alls Fall coming around?? Ours is quite slow if I do say so myself. High temperatures are still keeping in check but the pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere!!

I just wanted to share with you a quick little math game we played this week - Fall themed of course!!

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