Hi y'all! Yep I have been working late this Sunday! I hope your weekend has been fabulous!
Hi friends! Just a quick jot tonight to tell you about a FABULOUS activity we did today! Apple Adjectives!

This activity was inspired by Cara over at The First Grade Parade. She is fantastic and I aspire to be her one day!

This week is all about apples! And since we have been reviewing adjectives, what better way to include apples than to describe them?

Everybody brought an apple and we spent some time brainstorming adjectives that would describe apples. We observed them, felt them, and even ate them. Then everyone wrote some adjectives on a Post It and we stuck it on our Large Apple.

Who one of my firsties asked if we could call him Drew. Drew the Apple. 
Because I drew him. 
These kids, man. Geniuses!!

Then returning to our seats we wrote about our own apple and then drew an apple to match the one we brought.

(also in this freebie are some labels you can use to label a large apple chart)

Everyone did so wonderful!! 

After that we did an Adjective Scoot from this little bundle from Sparkling in Second Grade

Anytime we can get up and move around the classroom is a plus!!!!

I'm loving my firsties this year! They are doing so well with all of their work and keeping me entertained. Drew the Apple. A classic. 

Have a great week!
Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a restful weekend! Mine went by super quick and I was super busy and yet I still have a pile of laundry! Some things are never ending.
 Hello friends! It's Sneak Peek Sunday!! 
I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten again for Peek at my Week!

This past week has FLOWN by! But I'm so very proud of my kiddos. They have been doing fabulously with first grade work. I was sick this week, so I was only at school a little bit but I did manage to snap a few pics!

Still working with our writing partners to make our writing the BEST!

Ok, so two pics. :)
Passed out new Color Code Cards so the kids could pick out new, challenging books. Read about my classroom library leveling {HERE}

This week we have lots to do. Here are my plans. 

In ELA: 
We are starting our Traditional Literature unit! Each day we focus on a different type of TL. Mondays - Fairy Tale
Tuesdays - Fables
Wednesdays - Tall Tales
Thursdays - Mixed Up/Fractured Fairy Tales

And then for our Read Alouds, I usually choose Legends. These books are a bit longer and deeper, so we read them aloud and then talk about the features of Legends. 

We will be discussing Text Features of Fiction and Nonfiction. Using Traditional Literature is a great way to introduce text features. We can talk about the differences between fiction and nonfiction with the many fantastical elements of Fairy Tales. 
Text Features

Anchor Chart

Recording Page
After using the Whole Group Activity, I put the game in the Pocket Chart (Skills) Center and they can use the recording page for accountability. 

My students are doing wonderfully well with Interactive Notebooks. They are still learning on how to use the activities and set them up in the notebook, but we are working on it! 
Lesson 5 Interactive Notebook

 This week we will be talking about Synonyms.  

 Short u Words


In Writing we are working on nonfiction, informative writing. We are talking about what is a Scientist? Our Mad Scientist unit was a few weeks ago, but we will be using our Interactive Notebooks from science to help us with our Circle Maps and Tree Maps. Click on the pics to download your own copy. 

Circle Map

In Math, we are finishing up our Introductory unit on Place Value. This week it's all about the word problems.
Unit 2 Understanding Place Value
Picture Peacock helps us to understand how to solve problems. Find my Math Strategy Zoo in my store. 

In Social Studies we will be talking about Landforms and creating a landform cookie! We found this idea from Nancy at First Grade Wow! 

Check out her unit on LANDFORMS.

And there we have it! Week #6 - ready for the kids!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Labor Day y'all!! I really hope everyone enjoyed their day off and you are all well rested for a fantastic week!! 

Linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for Peek at my Week!

Here are my plans for the week: 

We've been having a FABULOUS time with Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills' Writing Through the Year!! The kiddos have done so well. Last week, we introduced working with a partner for noticing and questioning. 

And their writing?? Totes Adorbs!!

The kids are also doing well with the centers. Have you heard of Code.org?? You need to be on it. Now. Seriously go check it out. I'll wait. 
The students play games that teach them about computer coding. It's Angry Birds, Frozen, Disney Infinity, puzzles...everything they love!

Some more center fun!

And of course we play Go Noodle!! Gotta have those Brain Breaks!

Quick Peek: This week in ELA we will be focusing on Author's Word Choice, beginning sounds, adjectives, Text and Graphic Features, and short e words. 

These Interactive Notebook Activities are from my Lesson 4 INB on TpT. 

Math: We've got place value modeling numbers with Base 10 blocks, decade numbers, and comparing numbers. 

Fun Math Centers this week include Counting Caterpillar

and Roll and Write
These centers can be found {HERE}. 

In Social Studies we are starting Me on the Map!
Well, that's it for this short week!

Make sure to check out all the Visual Lesson Plans over at Mrs. Wills fabulous blog!
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