David Helps Us Learn School Rules!

We are in full swing learning mode in my classroom this week!!! We've spent the last two days learning routines and procedures while working in the classroom. I just wanted to share a quick note to show you what we learned today with a little help from David!
In this story, David sure does give his teacher a run for her money!! He yells, chews gums, runs around, just generally disrupts class! While we were reading, we made an Anchor Chart list of Do's and Do Not's. 
This activity is from Nancy over at First Grade WOW

The kids loved seeing everything that David did wrong and were quick to correct him. After the story and share time, we each got a speech bubble and wrote rules that David helped us to learn (by showing us what not to do!).
Then we all got a chance to make our own David's to hang on the wall with speech bubble. Afterwards, we practiced our coloring and cutting, which is great fine motor skill practice, and had a little brain break activity. 

They came out so cute! I think the parents will love seeing them at Open House next Tuesday night!

What do you do to teach school and classroom rules? Are you a fan of David? Share your thoughts please!

Thanks and happy new school year!

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