Happy Monday, y'all! I am so excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' for this fun Teacher Week!

Up today: Five Fun Facts!

Here goes:
I love my job!! I work as a first grade instructor at Mayfair Laboratory School in Baton Rouge. We do so much fun learning that I am always excited to go to work! 

Loving what I do is something of which I am very proud! 
Here are some pics of my kiddos from last year!

I have an awesome family!

 My sister Jennifer has two kids: Jessica and Casey. My cousin Kathleen lives in Omaha, Nebraska and is becoming an Occupational Therapist. Every year we have a Vicknair Family Reunion! And every year we take a vacation as a big family with my parents, my aunt and uncle, my sister, and my grandmother.

 Last year we went to Philadelphia and the Poconos. Read all about that fabulous adventure {HERE}.   I have a 14 year old daughter, Carly, who is in HIGH SCHOOL!
Here she is at 4 and at 14. 

Oh, and btw we LOVE Disney! 
We were Anna and Elsa for Halloween. I also love Marvel. Captain America mostly. Especially Captain America. 
Me and My Future Husband
I love to sew, knit, and crochet. (I made our costumes for Halloween, above.)

Here are some things that I crocheted at Christmas for gifts. 
I also bake. Like a lot. 
Here are just a few cookies from this year. 

 I try to make cookies at least once a month. I also bake cakes and cupcakes. Not to blow my own horn or anything, but these cookies are amazing. Find my AWESOME cookie recipe {HERE}.
Back to School Cookies
I love coffee. Like love, LOVE it. I would take it in IV is that was possible. 
Lorelei Gilmore is my spirit animal. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my five fun facts! I could tell a lot more (because I have a lot more to tell!!) but I want you to carry on with your life. 

Thanks for visiting! 
Hi yall! It's been a BUSY week over here in Louisiana. Not to mention HOT - upwards to 100. Can't wait til September. But first of August means back to school :)

I just wanted to share with you how my first week back went! I made cookies for everyone!

{HERE} is my fantastic recipe. 

Teachers reported on Tuesday where we got to sit in on all that really fun and exciting review of policies and handbooks and all that jazz. But my principal is so awesome that she makes those mandatory PowerPoint presentations into fun games.

We did a Quiz-Quiz-Trade and a Tarsia puzzle. Have you used this before? It's amazing!
District Policy Awareness
Our fourth grade teachers use it with the kids to review facts and help to study. One side of the triangles has the answer and the another side has the questions. You read the questions and try to find the answers. And then the puzzles come together as diamonds, triangles, hexagons, etc. Pretty cool!

That night was back to school Open House/Meet the Teacher night.
Astrobrights Paper, Lend a Helping Hand
Trace hands, stick on label.

We had a fabulous night! I met 19 of my amazing families and we gave out a lot of information.
We always set up the desks every Open House with things families will find extremely helpful over the first couple of weeks of school.

The next day, all 6,000+ EBR Teachers came together for One District, One Mission and to meet our new Superintendent.

 Each child had a personal letter from me and my associate.

They can take it home and color the pics! 
You can grab an editable copy for yourself {HERE}

The Back to School Flipbook containing all pertinent information about our classroom looked GREAT right on top of the stack of papers!
This booklet is FREE in my TpT Store. Click the pic :)

Next, I placed the media release form for use of pictures on my blog and social media accounts. 
This letter is free {HERE}

Then we have our Show and Tell Schedule. I firmly believe in the power of Show and Tell at any age. It is so very important that children learn to speak and listen properly at any age. In my classroom, each student is given 1 minute to show and tell something they bring from home or just a little story.
We talk about the importance of eye contact, using a speaker's voice, showing so everyone can see, etc. and also the behavior of an audience member such as listening while others speak and looking at the speaker. We've got to hit those Speaking and Listening standards!! 
You can read more about my show and tell {HERE}

Next up is our Mayfair Lab First Grade Tour Guide.  

We are partnered with the Lab School at LSU and the superintendent over there came up with this idea as a road map for incoming parents. We list out everything we teach for the year. And our CRLGs. 

 The full guide can be accessed by clicking {HERE}.
 Also had the Helping Hands on the Board and the Parent Wishes Jar. 
This idea was from Funky First Grade Fun along with the freebie forms there. Go check it out and read all about it!

So the first day!!!!!!!!! It was such fun! All my little firsties were ready to learn!
Of course we did Brain Breaks! Love Go Noodle!

And from my SUPER Back to School Unit, we wrote out our wishes for what we want to learn in First Grade on our Super Hero Capes! 

How to Read Chapter Books, Count to 200, the Senses, Field Trips
Science Experiments, Science, Field Trips
Count to 200, Science Experiments
Count to 300, Add to 100, Read books, Time
How to Count, Field Trips
We always read Chrysanthemum and talk about how sometimes our words can hurt others so we should also take care of what we say. Every time one of Chrysanthemum's classmates makes fun of her name, we crumple the heart. And every time her parents make her feel better, we try to smooth it out. But we know that once we say something mean and hurtful, it always leaves a little wrinkle.
Then on bandaids, we write our names as promises to think and be smart. 

 All too soon it was time to go home and yes, this was me. 

Here are some first day pics of me and Carly Summer: 

 I am so excited about this school year! I will share lots more soon!
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