Fluency Friends! And My CAFE Bookmark #colorize

I am loving this school year so far! This week went GREAT! We are getting to know each other and learning all the rules, routines, and procedures for the classroom and school. Can't wait til next week!!

We have begun introducing the Daily 5 this past week, kicking it off with Read to Self. And we've started with Check for Understanding on our CAFE menu with various read alouds. Now it will be a while before we start pulling students to strategy groups and conferring daily with others, but we will begin introducing strategies weekly and working on procedures for our Daily CAFE.

I wanted to share a new product that I've created to help students work on their reading goals. I've already posted my Accuracy Animals to help with those goals on the A menu. These are my Fluency Friends!
The Fluency Friends are modeled after the items on the Fluency menu.
They are:
Rereading Ruby
Appropriate Allie
Punctuation Peter
Sight Word Susan
Adjusting Adam
Voracious Vic

I've also included a color poster with all friends and strategies listed and a B&W for take home.

And I've finished my CAFE bookmarks project that I've been working. Recently, Astrobrights contacted me about some projects I've been using in my classroom. I love this paper! It's so bright and fade resistant and sturdy. I love using it in classroom projects!! And they are promoting the #colorizeyourclassroom contest so I've been working on ways to make my day to day classroom workings BRIGHTER!!

When conferring with students and working on their goal or a new goal, you can have them stick a handy label reminder on the bookmark and they will have a quick tool to help them remember. And colorful!!!
I've made them for both Accuracy Animals and Fluency Friends. I think the kids will love this! And it will help them with practicing their goals. 

You can grab your copy of Fluency Friends {HERE}. 

How do you help students remember their goals? Are you using Daily 5 or Daily CAFE?

Thanks! And Happy Teaching! 

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