Sneak Peek Sunday: Week of April 16-20, 2018

Happy Sunday my peeps! This is going to be a very easy week for me, as a teacher. My students will be finalizing and editing their music videos. It's all them. I just get to watch.

However, I gots TONS of meetings!! 
(except that PBIS one, that's a mistake, oops!!)

Spring NO PREP Packet!

Apparently the end of the year is busy. Who knew??

We've got roughly 28 days left of school!! This is crazy. That's just not enough time, but at the same time too much!! Lol. We have state testing coming up and that takes FOREVER. Or at least feels like it. 

Sneak Peek Sunday: Week of April 9-13, 2018

Well spring break has come to an end. I did however have a BLAST doing pretty much nothing except stuff you can read about HERE and our DIY Disney Day HERE.

But let's talk school now. Back to the real world.


Grammar and Writing Interactive Notebook Freebie!!

I just finished updating my Grammar and Writing Interactive Notebook.
You can find this in my store!

Spring Break Fun!

So it's been a fabulous and much needed spring break! I'm so excited to share with you what I've been doing this week. And it hasn't been a lot!! Lol!!



So as you may know it's Spring Break. I've been having a blast doing pretty much nothing but TPT stuff. However, yesterday Carly and I decided to have a DIY Disney Day. It was so much fun! And here's how it went.
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