Here are some fun little center games. Check it out!!!

In this activity I have included some Winter Themed words, primarily from the book The Polar Express. 
However, I have also included some blank train cards for you to use with your own words. 
One way I use this is in my Spelling Center. I write the weekly words on the trains and the children put them in ABC order 
Simply print out on card stock or back with construction paper, laminate for durability, and place in a center. 

This activity is designed to reinforce the skill of alphabetical order. There are words on Polar Bear cards that children sort into ABC order. There is a recording page for accountability. 

This center includes 
17 ABC bear cards
Recording page
Center name card
Center directions card

This activity packet contains activities for use in any ELA classroom. There is a game for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 

This packet includes:
12 adjective matching cards and 12 adjective flakes
24 verb cards
2 verb sorting mats
24 noun sorts
3 noun sorting mats
Recording sheets for each game
Title cards and instructions for each game

This is a math center/activity practicing the skill of sorting odd and even numbers through 100. 

100 odd and even polar bear cards
Odd and Even icebergs
Odd and Even Bears recording page
Directions and Center name card

Print out on card stock, laminate, and place in an envelope or bag for a center. 

This cute little penguin activity is designed to give students extra practice with identifying place value. Students lay out penguin and place value cards like in the game of memory and take turns matching standard form with place value blocks. 

There is a recording page for accountability that offers an extra column for practice writing numbers in expanded form as well. 

Snowflake Subtraction

This little math center activity has students subtract 8 or 9 from the teen numbers. 
**This center Is based on Engage NY A Story of Units Module 2 for first grade. It is designed to reinforce the skills taught in Module 2 lessons, but offers a viable strategy for solving subtraction problems. This center would be helpful to any students who are learning to subtract from teen numbers. 

25 subtraction cards and answers
54 snowflake counters
2 cover cards (for use with workmat—use to cover up the unused snowflakes)
Snowflake Subtraction Workmat
(workmat is designed to be slipped into a page protector so students can use a dry erase marker to cross off snowflakes as a subtraction strategy)

Print out on card stock, laminate, and place in an envelope or bag for a center. 

I just wanted to do a quick share today about a wonderful classroom management tool called Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is wonderful!!! The creators really came up with a winner here. This online behavior management system is designed to help teachers with rewarding positive behaviors quickly and easily by giving points. Negative behaviors result in points being taken away. 

Every child is given an online avatar. Once parents sign up, children can customize their avatar and check out their own "wall" to see what their classmates are doing with their avatars and what points they have received. 

 I have been using Dojo for a little over a month now, and I LOVE it!!! The children have really started watching their own behavior, because they want to have the most points!! I use this in conjunction with our PBIS - at the end of every week, for every ten Dojo points awarded that week, the children receive one Paw Point. Whoever has the most Dojo points at the end of the week gets to choose from the treasure chest! It has really begun to improve behavior and attention skills in my classroom. Also, manners have increased! There is a positive Dojo point for "helping others" and "respect" and children have begun being nicer to each other! They want to help and are letting each other go first, or picking up litter - it's been amazing!

 The best part is that it's completely FREE!! The creators are wonderful and ask that we teachers give feedback on how we are using Dojo in our classrooms. If you go to the website, you can read how teachers at all levels are using Class Dojo in their classrooms.

All you need to get started is a computer. There is also an app - iPhone and Android devices. You can take your phone with you to assemblies, field trips, walking down the hallway, etc. Kids know they can receive points for behaving appropriately at all times throughout the day. 

Please check out Class Dojo at the website, on Pinterest, on Twitter,on Google+ and on Facebook

Try it out for yourself!! It's free and all it takes is a little of your time to get started. Let me know what you think!!


Hello! Hope y'all had a great week back after the Thanksgiving holidays. My week FLEW by. Insanely fast!! But I did manage to squeeze in time to create a new center. We have been working so hard on Module 2 A Story of Units, and what did they go and do???? Threw in some more equivalent expressions! But this time they were subtraction expressions. So we needed a fun way to practice. Here it is!

In Minty Math, children can use fun peppermint manipulatives and tens frames to balance equivalent expressions. I also created a huge candy cane workmat for our use on the meeting rug. 
Here are some more pics: 

There's a recording sheet and mini workmat for each student to slip into their personal white board (learn about that here) and use a dry erase marker to balance equations. The little box underneath each expression side is for the answer to each equation. It helps to see that both answers equal the same. 

This activity also includes tens frames, peppermint manipulatives, student expression page, and larger expressions for group work. 

Loving this time of year!!! Can't wait til Christmas :)


I call him Loki in honor of my favorite super (not so much hero...) villain: LOKI!!!!!!

Didn't he come out so stinkin precious???? Love!!!!
Hi!! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!!!! We ate, we talked, we visited, we planned, etc. etc. It was a great week. But I am so happy to be back home sleeping in my own bed :)

I've been working hard on a brand new unit - Penguins and Polar Bears!!! I love penguins!!!!!!!! In fact my door at school will be decorated to look like a penguin and I will post pics as soon as it is finished!

The last week before we leave for Christmas Holidays we will have three half days. We've decided to take this week and teach all about Polar Animals. We found a great Reindeer Unit at First Grade Wow and fell in love! So, inspired by this I created a nonfiction mini ELA/Math unit around penguins and polar bears. Included in this unit is basically everything of which you could think!

  • Lesson plans for two days and ideas for extending the unit
  • Lesson Objectives, suggested books
  • CCSS for entire unit
  • Anchor charts: Nonfiction/Fiction Text Features, Main Idea and Details
  • Pictures for anchor charts
  • Features of fiction/nonfiction text center activity: picture cards, picture/word cards, word cards with differentiated process sheets
  • Main Idea and Details Task Cards and process sheet.
  • Vocabulary match game (pictures with words, words, and fill in the blank sentences) with process sheets
  • Compare and Contrast Real Penguins and Fictional Penguins Venn diagram
  • Circle, Tree, and Bubble Maps for Penguins and
  • Polar Bears and blank maps for your own use
  • Penguin Booklet Craft and Polar Bear Craft
  • Odd and Even Bears activity and recording page
  • Snowflake Subtraction activity and recording page
  • Place Value Penguins and recording page
  • ABC Bears—abc order activity with 15 words about the Arctic and recording page
  • A Snowstorm of Grammar—Adjectives, nouns, and verbs games with recording sheets
Here are some pics:

This unit is huge!!! I've also included lesson plans for two days introducing nonfiction text features and finding the main idea and details of nonfiction text. And there are some ideas for extending the unit.

I hope that you can use this. I can't wait to share the activities with my firsties.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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