Weekly Assignment Sheets

Good morning! I'm am still busy working on all the things that are needed at the beginning of school. One particularly useful page we have is our Weekly Assignment Sheet. This is also a work in progress. I have been tweaking and remaking this page for almost five years now. It was part of my evaluation for my LaTAAP portfolio. Here's some old versions:

When I was teaching in a Catholic school and only had 10-12 kids, I could print them in color. Now with 26 kids, it's not economical. 

I'm proud of my newest design. It really streamlines the page.
This sheet lists everything!! We've got reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and even tips. We make sure that we cover everything students and parents will need to know for the week. This sheet goes in a page protector in our OZ binder so it is easily accessible. We pass them out on Fridays with the homework packet and replace them the following Friday. Students always have their binders so if they need to reference their words, they can pull them out and flip to this page. 

For your own copy of the page, click on the picture above. The font I used in the picture is called HomegirlKiddo. The font in the Google doc is Coming Soon. 

Thanks for reading and happy planning! 

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