In honor of the autumn season, I have created a number decomposing activity to help my firsties with ways to make numbers consisting of trees and leaves!!
I call it....

Number Expression Trees!!!

Yeah, not such a fancy or cutesy name, but hey! It gets the point across.

I love Pinterest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is the most amazing invention ever created for teachers. So many wonderful teachers out there sharing ideas. I go a little crazy at least once a day on Pinterest. Here is a link to my favorite board where I try to pin everything I can for my classroom. Fun in First!

The first grade team at Mayfair Lab School teaches in Thematic Units. We have created Criterion Referenced Learning Guides for 8 separate units that span the school year. Sorry :( I can't share the CRLGs with you, BUT I have a Pinterest board for each unit!!! Granted, this is the first year we are teaching these units, so the boards are a work in progress. I'm hoping to find a lot more ideas throughout the year!!!

Here's a link to all my boards: Jessica's Outstanding Collection of Pinterest Boards
I by no means think I've got the most interesting collection on the web, so please feel free to share with me!! Thanks!!!
We are focusing on equivalent expressions using candy corn!!! 
I made this giant Candy Corn and laminated it along with some laminated construction paper that I drew plus and equal signs on. I made large number cards. Each student used a mini work mat (we slipped them into page protectors), dry erase markers, and candy corn to balance our equations. Had a blast doing it!
The pirates of Adventure Cove have been hard at work this year!! We are rockin' and rollin' and working our way through the CCSS for first grade!!! Here are some pictures from  some of our work so far this year!

The above picture is a landform cookie activity that I found First Grade WOW. Nancy over there is AMAZING!!! Make sure to check her blog out!!!
MUCH MUCH more to come!!!!!!
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