Back to School Night Freebie

I just wanted to share a quick little freebie with you  about my parent packet I give out at Teacher Meet and Greet night.  It is continually a work in progress. Every year I add to it or change it or take away from it. Here are some of the pages I'm including this year.

This page sits on top of everything at each student's seat. It gives parents a list of things to do before they leave. It also gives me an opportunity to talk with parents while others aren't standing around waiting their turn. As each parent/family finished their paperwork they can put up supplies or come speak with me or pay their supply fee. 

Inside the packet, I put the parent and student letters, 
(first page of parent letter)

Information on Class Dojo (WHICH IS AWESOME! If you aren't using it, you totally should. Check out my little blog post on it {HERE})
I also include each individual child's unique code for signing up on ClassDojo. 
Oh, look it's Dorothy from Kansas! 
Students use their codes to set up their little account and parents use their code to receive updates about their child's points. 

The classroom contact information page is also inside the packet. 
along with the class schedule,
the classroom behavior letter, 

and a list of sight words to know by the end of first grade. 

A classroom volunteer page and any forms/letters from the school go in the packet as well. 
Other things include reading strategies to practice at home, problem solving strategies, math homework help, and ideas for books. 

Now our school spent this summer developing Tour Guides for each grade level. My team met in June and knocked this out over two days. We developed a nice document that is comprised of expectations and examples of those expectations so that parents can see what their children will learn in First Grade. 

I am unsure whether these Tour Guides will be printed and handed out to every parent, but we will include some of the items in our parent packet. 

If you would like a copy of our parent packet notes, you can grab one {RIGHT HERE}

Thanks and good luck planning for the new year! 

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