On Carly's first day of eighth grade, I made her a first day of school sign! I also made her one for ninth grade but I didn't get to print it out because my printer was on the fritz and I couldn't :( But here is what it would have looked like had I gotten it printed!
Hello! Just a quick jot tonight to share my latest remake of my listening library.
QR Codes!

I have collected A LOT of books on CD over the years and the baskets of bags aren't very attractive on the counter. Here is a picture from the beginning of the year (before the children got their hands on them!) and before I ordered more a lot more from Scholastic. I'm a sucker for new books.

Hi guys! I'm freshly back from our Red Stick Roundup Teacher Blogger Meetup and once again it was fabulous! Stay tuned for a linky party!
Hi friends! Have you seen the latest trend on TpT? Rotating Quote pictures? They are popping up everywhere! Thought I would share with you how I made mine!

GIF for TpT Store Front

I'm starting a new series on my blog for the school year: Tech Tip Tuesday!
Hi guys! How's your summer going? Mine has started off with a bang and hasn't stopped.

I'm linking up today with The Primary Punchbowl to share my classroom move this coming fall. Many members of the Punchbowl are changing up jobs this year. Elisabeth from Literacy and Lattes wrote a great anchor post HERE so check it out.

Well my principal had been asking me since October if I would take the Video Production job at my school. My master's is in educational technology so it is my dream to eventually teach technology or coordinate technology somewhere. I put it off and put it off and kept telling myself
"There's no place like first, there's no place like first!"
As you may have heard I'm moving up from first grade to SIXTH grade. I'll be teaching Media Literacy and Video Production. Yup. No more primary for me :(

I'm a little sad, but also a little excited! I'm sure as the school year moves closer I'll be MORE excited! Stay tuned for the middle of July!

For the time being, I'm going to share with you an activity I've been working on. I LOVE interactive notebooks. However, they take up a lot of time and a lot of paper and a lot of glue. I've got to spend lots of days training my firsties on how to properly cut and paste the activities in their notebooks.

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