Well, it's that time of year. Spring State Testing. While first grade doesn't test, we do have three testing grades at my school so the whole place will be under lock down each day. So we tend to keep to our little corner of the school during this week, or we just leave school altogether! For example, we have our field trip to the Strawberry Farm!
Happy Sunday guys! My weekend has flown by! Are you ready for Sneak Peek Sunday? Lots going on this week!
Hi guys! Can you believe it's already April? Honestly, where has this school year gone? 

We've only got 35 days left. 

Of school. 


That's it. 

*mini heart attack**

And moving on. 

So I thought I would share some of the end of the year things I do in my classroom. I know that many of you don't get out until June, but I'm thinking that will be here before we know it. No time like the present to get things ready and organized. And give you some freebies!

This is the countdown we use! Everyday, we change the number. I've 24 students in my class and once we get to 25 days left, I let the students start keeping the countdown. I put the blank background in a page protector/dry erase board and hang it up. 

Click {HERE} for a copy!

This has to be my favorite. I have 10 envelopes and 10 slips inside. The slips are very simple things that can be done each of the last 10 days of school. 

Extra Recess Day
Move your Seat Day
Movie Day!
Ink Pen Day!
Markers Day!
Hat Day!
Stuffed Animal Day!
Aloha Day!
Shoes Off Day!
Lunch with a Friend Day!

I open a new envelope at the start of each day. It's so simple and the kids LOVE it! Movie Day and Aloha Day are usually our very last two days. Most of the end of year stuff is done (and a lot already go on vacation) so we spend an entire day watching movies and doing other fun stuff. Aloha Day is our end of the year party. We always have a luau! 

Click {HERE} for the pre-made slips.

And here is my newest summer creation. It's a Summer Fun Finder Flap Book. 

This has been added to my TpT Store. Click HERE to download for FREE!!

The Word List is editable. 

The family fun list is editable (not the QR Code). 

All of the summer sites are editable - change out the QR Codes or delete them and just add what you want!

Two bingo boards - one road trip (not editable)
Summer Bingo is editable

Coloring page and brag tags (not editable)
But you can delete my brag tags and add your own or change this flap altogether. 

All of the labels on the flaps can bee changed, too, as well as the fonts. All you have to do is print it out, copy it double sided, stagger it, and fold it over. Staple it and it's done!

Here is a super quick video showing how to put it together: 

Another one of my favorite end of the year activities is one that my principal gives to us. We always have an end of the year party that's themed. Last year it was Academy Awards. The year before it was Fabulous Fruit.
We got to walk the red carpet last year. So fun! I can't wait til this year!

That's all I have this time! I really do hope the end of the school year is fabulous for you and I hope I've given you some doable ideas! 

Have a great April!

Hi friends! I've mentioned once or twice about how I do my morning math with my kiddos. I've even shared some pics of my students' decompositions. There is A LOT of information about how I spend this very valuable time with my firsties.
Hi friends! Just a quick jot tonight to share my lesson plans for the week.
As I prepare to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead with my yummy dinner of Trix cereal, I thought, "I can post about my fabulous upcoming week and put off thinking about the horrible things that are going to happen on TWD." Like, I don't even want to watch because I just know I'm going to freak out! 
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