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Happy Sunday! Or happy day before school starts for my EBR friends!! I don't know if anyone is every 100% ready for the first day of school, but it's coming no matter what!!

 I wanted to share how I do show and tell. If there is one thing about students, especially my little first grade friends, they love to show and tell about anything and everything! I came up with this little system so everyone would have a chance every week. 

Every student in my room has a number, 1-26. I group together 5 numbers per day (6 on Friday), and each student gets to bring an item on their assigned day.
{Click on the picture for your own editable copy}

I type each students name under the day of the week. For obvious reasons I deleted them in the above document. So mine would look something like this: 

And we do show and tell right after Morning Meeting before we begin our Daily lessons. I give each child 1 minute to show their item or tell about what they want to tell. Some children opt to do it every single week, others may do it once a month, or still others not at all. The most time I give is 6 minutes, though it's rare a child takes a whole minute to tell their story. This has been a very effective way to let everyone say what they want to say and show off their new toy or special item. Gets those wiggles and giggles out in the morning as well. It also helps with journal topics. I've had students write about what was shown that day and by whom. 

Do you do show and tell in your room? How has it worked for you? 

Thanks for reading!

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