Class Dojo Rewards! A Free Rewards Kit for Your Classroom!

This year it seems that I have quite the chatty class! They are so lively and full of things to talk about! While I do allow some chatter in my classroom while they are completing work and activities sometimes the noise level gets to a point that it's hard for anyone to concentrate - 24 voices all on at once. I'm using my attention grabbers a lot during the day. So I've upped the ante a bit with some Class Dojo Rewards. 

I LOVE Class Dojo! It's amazing and highly effective in class, especially when they hear the dings and the bonks. Right back on track! 

I'm using the rewards weekly. For every point at the end of the day, they get 1 Dojo Dollar. I keep track on a tracking form on their desk and with a checklist. 

Every Wednesday they can cash in their Dojo Dollars and receive a prize. It's up to them and they can save if they so choose. 

Some of the passes they can choose are listed here: 

The Point Punch Passes are used for keeping track of their cashed in rewards. I printed out the cards, backed them on cardstock, and then laminated them. When a student wishes to cash in for a reward, I punch the number of dollars they redeemed. They can take the card home and show their parents and they receive a certificate that shows what they choose. 

This is and will always be a FREE product in my TpT store. Grab yours now!!

PS - This kit is COMPLETELY editable! Make it your own. Personalize it. Have fun!

Do you Class Dojo? How does it work in your classroom? I would love to hear about it! Thanks so much!

Happy Teaching!


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