Penguins and Polar Bears!

Hi!! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!!!! We ate, we talked, we visited, we planned, etc. etc. It was a great week. But I am so happy to be back home sleeping in my own bed :)

I've been working hard on a brand new unit - Penguins and Polar Bears!!! I love penguins!!!!!!!! In fact my door at school will be decorated to look like a penguin and I will post pics as soon as it is finished!

The last week before we leave for Christmas Holidays we will have three half days. We've decided to take this week and teach all about Polar Animals. We found a great Reindeer Unit at First Grade Wow and fell in love! So, inspired by this I created a nonfiction mini ELA/Math unit around penguins and polar bears. Included in this unit is basically everything of which you could think!

  • Lesson plans for two days and ideas for extending the unit
  • Lesson Objectives, suggested books
  • CCSS for entire unit
  • Anchor charts: Nonfiction/Fiction Text Features, Main Idea and Details
  • Pictures for anchor charts
  • Features of fiction/nonfiction text center activity: picture cards, picture/word cards, word cards with differentiated process sheets
  • Main Idea and Details Task Cards and process sheet.
  • Vocabulary match game (pictures with words, words, and fill in the blank sentences) with process sheets
  • Compare and Contrast Real Penguins and Fictional Penguins Venn diagram
  • Circle, Tree, and Bubble Maps for Penguins and
  • Polar Bears and blank maps for your own use
  • Penguin Booklet Craft and Polar Bear Craft
  • Odd and Even Bears activity and recording page
  • Snowflake Subtraction activity and recording page
  • Place Value Penguins and recording page
  • ABC Bears—abc order activity with 15 words about the Arctic and recording page
  • A Snowstorm of Grammar—Adjectives, nouns, and verbs games with recording sheets
Here are some pics:

This unit is huge!!! I've also included lesson plans for two days introducing nonfiction text features and finding the main idea and details of nonfiction text. And there are some ideas for extending the unit.

I hope that you can use this. I can't wait to share the activities with my firsties.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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