In a Christmas Mood!!

Last night Carly and I went to Christmas on the Boulevard at the Mall of Louisiana. It was terrific! Really got us into the Christmas mood, and yes I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but we did see the giant tree lit and some ice skating and had some great free live entertainment. We didn't wait in line for the free Build a Bear, but we did get some handouts and a stuffed cow (Eat mor' chikn)!!

So in the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season I am posting a simple little math center. It's about matching standard notation with expanded notation and place value. Always great to have practice with this skill.

I'm spending some of my Thanksgiving holidays gearing up for the Christmas season. I've brought home some books to create units for the season and some workshop games. I'm also reading The Cafe book, hoping to bring it into my literacy workshop. I really like learning about new things that will benefit my students and my professional knowledge.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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