Minty Math!!

Hello! Hope y'all had a great week back after the Thanksgiving holidays. My week FLEW by. Insanely fast!! But I did manage to squeeze in time to create a new center. We have been working so hard on Module 2 A Story of Units, and what did they go and do???? Threw in some more equivalent expressions! But this time they were subtraction expressions. So we needed a fun way to practice. Here it is!

In Minty Math, children can use fun peppermint manipulatives and tens frames to balance equivalent expressions. I also created a huge candy cane workmat for our use on the meeting rug. 
Here are some more pics: 

There's a recording sheet and mini workmat for each student to slip into their personal white board (learn about that here) and use a dry erase marker to balance equations. The little box underneath each expression side is for the answer to each equation. It helps to see that both answers equal the same. 

This activity also includes tens frames, peppermint manipulatives, student expression page, and larger expressions for group work. 

Loving this time of year!!! Can't wait til Christmas :)


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