A Blizzard of Winter Themed Center Games!!!

Here are some fun little center games. Check it out!!!

In this activity I have included some Winter Themed words, primarily from the book The Polar Express. 
However, I have also included some blank train cards for you to use with your own words. 
One way I use this is in my Spelling Center. I write the weekly words on the trains and the children put them in ABC order 
Simply print out on card stock or back with construction paper, laminate for durability, and place in a center. 

This activity is designed to reinforce the skill of alphabetical order. There are words on Polar Bear cards that children sort into ABC order. There is a recording page for accountability. 

This center includes 
17 ABC bear cards
Recording page
Center name card
Center directions card

This activity packet contains activities for use in any ELA classroom. There is a game for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 

This packet includes:
12 adjective matching cards and 12 adjective flakes
24 verb cards
2 verb sorting mats
24 noun sorts
3 noun sorting mats
Recording sheets for each game
Title cards and instructions for each game

This is a math center/activity practicing the skill of sorting odd and even numbers through 100. 

100 odd and even polar bear cards
Odd and Even icebergs
Odd and Even Bears recording page
Directions and Center name card

Print out on card stock, laminate, and place in an envelope or bag for a center. 

This cute little penguin activity is designed to give students extra practice with identifying place value. Students lay out penguin and place value cards like in the game of memory and take turns matching standard form with place value blocks. 

There is a recording page for accountability that offers an extra column for practice writing numbers in expanded form as well. 

Snowflake Subtraction

This little math center activity has students subtract 8 or 9 from the teen numbers. 
**This center Is based on Engage NY A Story of Units Module 2 for first grade. It is designed to reinforce the skills taught in Module 2 lessons, but offers a viable strategy for solving subtraction problems. This center would be helpful to any students who are learning to subtract from teen numbers. 

25 subtraction cards and answers
54 snowflake counters
2 cover cards (for use with workmat—use to cover up the unused snowflakes)
Snowflake Subtraction Workmat
(workmat is designed to be slipped into a page protector so students can use a dry erase marker to cross off snowflakes as a subtraction strategy)

Print out on card stock, laminate, and place in an envelope or bag for a center. 

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