Wicked Wizard Weather!!

This is a fun mini unit with a Wizard of Oz theme!! It is designed as a mini ELA/Science unit to support learning about different types of weather. 

We started off reading this book: 

This is a perfect book for introducing weather. It's got great pictures and easy to understand explanations. I also created it to introduce our unit on nonfiction. We started out by making an anchor chart of fiction and nonfiction text features. 

I introduced some weather words and we brainstormed some more. 
The activities are differentiated for different levels of learning. 

This unit includes: 
Anchor chart: Nonfiction/Fiction Text Features
Pictures for anchor chart
Features of fiction/nonfiction text center activity: picture cards, picture/word cards, word cards with differentiated process sheets
Suggestions for lessons
Vocabulary match game (pictures with words, words, and fill in the blank sentences) with process sheets
Vocabulary Sentences game (with pictures and without)
Writing activity
Word search activity
Wizard Weather Book

The added bonus is that this is Wizard of Oz themed!!! I'm getting a head start on my classroom theme for next year!

We're Off to See the Wizard by clicking HERE!

Love it!!! 


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