Sneak Peek Sunday: March 26-30, 2018

I don't know about you, but I am in need of a little break. And so are the kids. Spring Fever is running rampant in our hallways and we are so antsy. Good thing it's a four day week before Spring Break!

So Friday we went to Kenner for the Bayou Regional Robotics Competition. For a complete rundown, check out my blog post HERE, but here's a snapshot of my kiddos. 

This week is pretty straightforward. We are filming our music videos. The kids have done a fabulous job on writing their shot plans and they've got some good ideas. 

The kindergarteners put on a parade every spring, and this year the theme is space! It's supposed to be on Thursday, but so is a TON of rain. We shall see.

I'm also helping the fifth grade film some environmental news reports this week. We are hoping to air them during some of the morning announcements. We won't have time to air them all, but they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

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