Sneak Peek Sunday: March 19-23, 2018

I got an interesting email today! My robotics kids are invited to the Bayou Regional Robotics competition in Kenner this coming Friday! We will get to showcase our robot and watch the high school kids compete in the Power Up Challenge. It's going to be so exciting and I can't wait!

Carly Summer will be there with her robotics team - the first all girls team in the state!!- so I'll be staying all weekend to see how things progress. Stay tuned for updates!

This past week I made this

AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Made out of cheesy cauliflower crust with bacon and more cheese and drizzled with ranch. It was a recipe on Delish. Watch it. Make it. Eat it. Enjoy. 

Working on our brand new unit this week! I've Got the Music in Me! The kids will get to plan, script, and shoot a music video! Of course I introduced it with Michael Jackson!
I had Thriller playing while they walked in, lights off, I was dancing, jammin' out to MJ. Sixth graders in the hallway were VERY jealous!! Then up popped Smooth Criminal and we kept the party going. I wanted to show how theatrical Michael was in his videos. The art of the music video has really gone downhill since MTV and VH1 stopped playing them all day every day. Kids today will never know the excitement and enjoyment of the MTV VJ's (Pauly Shore, Donwtown Julie Brown) and TRL (Carson Daly, y'all!!!) and all that jazz. It's sad really.

I'm walking them through a music video review. We will talk about different types of videos and show some examples. Then I'll let them spend the rest of the time researching and analyzing videos on YouTube or on their devices. Best class ever, right??

The introductory assignment on Google Classroom is:

1. Open the attachment "I've Got the Music in Me - Intro Lesson"
2. Read and complete the first activity, Partner Interview. No, you do not have to write down your partner's answers. 
3. Turn down the sound on your device. 
- Read the next activity, Viewing and Listening. 
- Open the first attached link for YouTube. and watch a few moments of the video WITHOUT SOUND. Talk about the different elements listed on the Viewing and Listening activity with a partner. 
- Then turn back on your sound and start the video over. This time open a new tab and just LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, don't watch the video. Talk about the next set of elements with a partner. 
4. Open the Music Video Links attachment. Watch a few moments of the different videos and pay attention to the imagery, lyrics, story, etc. 
5. Complete the final activity, Your Turn. READ VERY CAREFULLY ON WHAT TO DO.
6. Upload your final slideshow here. If you worked with a partner, only one of you must upload the slideshow. 

I like to be VERY specific on Google Classroom, just in case I get pulled from the classroom or I'm absent, or a student is absent. It's really helpful to have this documented. 

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