Sneak Peek Sunday: Week of March 5-9, 2018

Happy March. In like a Lion for real this time.

A couple of AMAZING things have happened recently. First, there was a contest on Twitter.

So for the last month, FIRST released three new secret challenge missions for our Hydrodynamics FIRST LEGO League robotics team. Your team was to complete a mission, film it, and post it on Twitter/Instagram. So we did.


Each member of our team won a LEGO Saturn V Rocket build kit. And the coaches got one, too!!

Took a few hours to build. And it is heavy when completed!

Look at the teeny tiny astronauts!!!!!!!!

Chip wasn't too impressed. 

And then the second fun thing is that we have our Disney YES program all set and ready for next Mardi Gras Break!! That's so exciting! I'll have more on that later...

This week is all about getting our rough cuts done. So yeah it's a pretty boring week for me. The kids are so good at doing what needs to be done I just kind of sit there until one of them asks me a question. 

Madeline, our producer at PBS, sent us some feedback on our pitches. So they will be looking over those and keeping up with the changes. 

Friday is club day and we will be doing Robot Races!!

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