Apple Adjectives!

Hi friends! Just a quick jot tonight to tell you about a FABULOUS activity we did today! Apple Adjectives!

This activity was inspired by Cara over at The First Grade Parade. She is fantastic and I aspire to be her one day!

This week is all about apples! And since we have been reviewing adjectives, what better way to include apples than to describe them?

Everybody brought an apple and we spent some time brainstorming adjectives that would describe apples. We observed them, felt them, and even ate them. Then everyone wrote some adjectives on a Post It and we stuck it on our Large Apple.

Who one of my firsties asked if we could call him Drew. Drew the Apple. 
Because I drew him. 
These kids, man. Geniuses!!

Then returning to our seats we wrote about our own apple and then drew an apple to match the one we brought.

(also in this freebie are some labels you can use to label a large apple chart)

Everyone did so wonderful!! 

After that we did an Adjective Scoot from this little bundle from Sparkling in Second Grade

Anytime we can get up and move around the classroom is a plus!!!!

I'm loving my firsties this year! They are doing so well with all of their work and keeping me entertained. Drew the Apple. A classic. 

Have a great week!

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