Peek at My Week {September 29-October 2} with an Awesome FREEBIE!!

Hi y'all! Yep I have been working late this Sunday! I hope your weekend has been fabulous!

I'm linking up again with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for Peek at My Week!

This week won't be quite as jam-packed as last week (apple week!) but we will have some fun new stuff to get started! 

Here are the plans: 

We are starting Wet and Wild this week! This is our unit on oceans, water habitats, ecosystems, food chains, and all that fun stuff. The kiddos get to do an at home project and build their very own ecosystem to present at school!

We will also be continuing our Traditional literature unit focusing on Rapunzel this week. So I made a little QR code task card center to help with our Story Structure reading skill. 

The pink cards are for story elements such as setting, characters, beginning, middle, end, problem, and solution.  

The yellow cards are specific comprehension questions based on the story. 

Each set has a simple recording page to go with it. The kids will scan the card, read the question, and answer it on the recording page. 

Also in B&W **INK SAVER**
(sorry for the poor quality photo - I swear one day I will have a nice camera!!)

I am offering this for FREE on my blog this week only! I will upload it to TpT next week so grab yours NOW! <------click here!!!

Well that's it! This week should be pretty normal and easy peasy lemon squeezy. I'll be prepping for parent/teacher conferences next week. Have a good one!!

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