{Teacher Week 2015} Classroom Tour!!

Hi y'all!! It's already Wednesday of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week 2015! Today is all about classroom tours!!!

I can't wait to see everybody's classrooms! At the beginning of August I did my official Classroom Reveal here on the blog. (It's a little long of a post, so I'll condense it here to just the overview and my favorite place).

I LOVE MY CLASSROOM!!! It makes me so happy everyday to walk in and inspire little minds :)

These are the four corners of my room. 

My absolute favorite place in the whole room is the Classroom Library. 

 I've spent years collecting books for my library. It is the most prized possession I own. I have labeled, categorized, color coded, sorted, databased (is that even a word??) every book and I keep it in this handy binder. 

These fancy new bins are from Big Lots and the labels with the pictures match the labels I have on the books. Makes it easier for my little munchkins to find and put up books. 

Well that's it for my short classroom tour! What's your room look like? 

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