Tell All Tuesday {My Life as a Reality Show}

Hi friends!! It's Tell All Tuesday with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K!!

Today's topic is life as a reality show. I don't watch that much of reality TV, but I do find these shows really interesting and highly addictive!! Mine is super easy:

Yes, I am a huge geek. I love anything fantastical, science fiction-y, out of this world stuff!! But for good reason!
I watch for the plot lines. Really good plots, guys. 

Anything done by Marvel, Supernatural, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, The Flash, etc. Yeah Carly and I are glued to all that!! Ant-Man comes out Thursday night, and we've had tickets for two weeks.

We've been to Comic Cons. Here is the latest we went to in New Orleans.

We got to meet Brett Dalton who plays Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD. 

Now I don't watch this show, but Carly's seen a few episodes. 

Love me some Castiel. 

Last year, they were filming Fantastic Four here in Baton Rouge and we went to Costco like every day hoping to catch some filming. The movie studio is literally next door to Costco. But we never saw any of them :( and they never called for extras here that I heard.  

ANYway - my reality show would totally follow me around while we did all this geek stuff and plus I would actually get to go do all this geek stuff. 

People with reality TV shows get to do a lot of stuff. And meet a lot of people. 

When I need gifts for people, I crochet them geek stuff. Case in point: 

Well hello Chris Evans. 

And I vote next year the TpT Conference be called: 
'Cuz I'm pretty sure this is what happened in Vegas last week and I missed it. 

So that's all! I want someone to follow me around with a camera while I do all my geek stuff. Yeah, that's probably boring to lots of people! But I would have a BLAST. 

Thanks for reading!

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