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I am linking up for the first time with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her fabulous linky Currently. 

Here's what's going on: 

Listening: To Carly, bright and early on her phone on YouTube. It's Pewdiepie. Or Tyler Oakley. Or Smosh. Or Dan and Phil? Maybe Graser?? She loves Graser. The point is, my child is obsessed with YouTube and every morning we go through this routine: Phone propped on the kitchen counter, video playing, while she fixes herself something to eat because heaven forbid she actually eat something I cook. Teenagers, right??
Look at her silliness. 

Loving: The Whole 30 is amazing! I am doing wonderfully well without dairy or bread. Or wine. Oh the wine. I do miss the wine. But I have been eating a lot more protein and veggies. The meals are delicious!! Here are some quick pics: 

Thinking: About my to-do list! I've gotten a lot accomplished so far this week. It's been a lazy stay at home type week, so I've been on my computer mostly. As much as I can be due to my neck troubles. I still need to post two new products on TpT and finish organizing my shoes, but I'm getting closer to checking things off my list!

Wanting: My. Neck. To. Heal. My goodness, I have been dealing with neck pain and the subsequent headaches/migraines for close to one year now! And I'm doing my exercises from my physical therapist.  I haven't been lifting heavy things, per doctor's orders. I haven't been overexerting myself. And I've been resting like crazy. But still there are days I wake up (almost every day) and my neck aches. Hopefully time will eventually heal all things!!

Needing: I think my neck would heal fabulously whilst sipping lemon water on the front porch of a beach house listening to the waves crash upon the golden sand. I'm in desperate need of this. And, seriously, aren't we all??!!??

All Star: Okay, so I'm gonna brag a bit. I'm good at technology. Like really good. The software part that is. I can figure out how to work most computer programs quickly and effectively. You just can't be afraid to play around. My graduate degree prepared me quite well for working with educational technology and though it tried to prepare me for hardware, that still takes some Googling!! I've recently learned how to install custom fonts on my blog! I'm also working on building my own clipart in Illustrator. Big things coming up!!

I started with a drawing 
Traced it in Illustrator
 And Ta-Da!!
Still a long ways to go, but I'm working on it!!

That's all I'm doing currently. :) What are you up to??

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