Five For Friday {July 10, 2015}

Hey y'all! It has been one crazy, busy week for me. Two weeks really! I haven't been able to get much done on the blog :/ But it's Friday and time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

This week I got to work in my classroom!! School starts in 27 days. That's it. That's all the time I have to get prepped and ready for my new batch of firsties!! The furniture was pretty much all shoved to one side when I got there.

So I had to spend much of the first day putting it all back where it goes. I did get to leave my decor up though!! That helped A LOT!! I've decided not to change my theme much. I'll be doing a little tweaking here and there, but for the most part it will remain the same. I'm staying in this room another year, and them I will have to move to a different building for 2016-2017. I'll do a new theme then! 
Here is what I could move without straining myself. Much better!!

Working on my library, too. It's getting there!!

I went shopping!! Got some really good stuff, too. Guys----------TARGET has some AWESOME school stuff in the Dollar Spot. 
I bought some really cool chalkboard decorations, new mini buckets, and some black and pink show caddies for each of my tables. I also located some more book bins from Big Lots. Super haul!! 
The Dollar Tree had this amazing spinner. 

So many plans and ideas for this!

In the kitchen this week: I've been sticking to my Whole 30 and still enjoying every moment of it! Doing some freezer meals today, so will be very busy prepping and freezing about 12 freezer meals. Once a Month Meals has some amazing Whole 30 compliant meals and meal plans. 
Here are some mini stuffed bell peppers! Sooooo good!!

Have you been seeing Astrobrights posts on all forms of Social Media? They are doing #25daysofcolor bringing ideas on how to use their amazing paper! So I was inspired to redo my Word Wall. 
LOOK how it POPS!!
I then backed it again with Eclipse Black - inspired by KinderCraze
Can't wait to hang it up in the classroom!!

You can grab a {FREE} set of these alphabet word wall cards in my TpT store in both *BLACK* and *WHITE*

Next week is the 2015 APEL conference here in Baton Rouge. The theme: Super Heroes!!
I am presenting two sessions: 


Getting Started on Teachers Pay Teachers

I am so overly excited about both of these - and nervous!! I am really trying to branch out more and present to my fellow teachers. I'm including all sorts of things in both of these presentations. If you click the names, you can see the slideshow for yourself. I would LOVE any suggestions or advice on improving the presentations. 

Well that's it!! I hope y'all enjoyed my musings. What have you been up to? 

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