Student Teacher Survival Planner

Happy Wednesday Night to all!! I hope your week is going great! We've got 16 days left of school. 16. SIXTEEN! That's crazy soon for me. I mean, wasn't it just January yesterday?

Well, regardless, the end of the year is coming, which means summer is coming which means the NEW school year will be here before you know it! 

And don't I know it! My new student teacher visited today to get a feel of the school and the classroom. She is so adorably cute and vibrant and I think she is going to do wonderful with the students next year! Even though she won't be with this group of firsties, she was awesome with them! She jumped right in and was talking, visiting, helping, and teaching with my littles. 

I made her this adorable planner to help her get a good footing for the coming year. I bound it and personalized it. And I didn't take any pictures of it! I don't know what I was thinking. But here are some still pics of the file that I've posted on TpT. 

This adorable, superhero themed survival planner is perfect for an incoming future teacher HERO!!

You can print it out, put it in a binder, folder, or bind it with a binding machine. Your student teacher will feel so special when you present him or her with a planner specifically designed for them!!

Teacher information
Websites and passwords
Helpful websites
Class list
Class schedule
Student groups
Calendar June 2015-May 2016
Week at a glance
Month at a glance
Meeting log
Meeting notes
Next year planning
Super ideas
Super notes

All of the pages are editable so you can type teacher and school names, a letter to the student, class lists, class schedule, websites, contact information, and student grouping.

Teachers can pick and choose the pages to print and place in the planner. A lot of the pages are generic and can be used in a regular planner.

[CLICK HERE] to grab a copy!

Do you have a student teacher? Hope to get one? Or maybe you are a student teacher!! How awesome!!

Well here's to everybody finishing off their school year with a bang!! Happy Teaching :)

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