Sneak Peek Sunday! Week 34!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful and productive weekend! I went home to see my family and get my car A/C fixed because man! It has been HOT here.

We are somehow quickly approaching the end of this school year. 19 days left!! 

Here is a peek at my week:

We are still working hard on our How Does Your Garden Grow Unit. Last week we planted our seeds and set them out to grow. We got lots of rain the past couple of days with some sun peeking through so we shall see tomorrow!

We are also reading all about how insects grow and change and help out with plants and seeds and nature in general. Our read alouds focus on the different insects, their habitats, diets, and how they help. 

This week we are also working on calendar and time. Lots of fun activities for center work this week! Here is a simple make your own clock activity that I'll be putting in our Model It! center for math. Click on the pics for a free copy. 

They will cut out the clock (copied onto cardstock or backed with construction paper) and put the two circles together. Attach the hands. Write the numbers on the top circle and cut between the flaps. Under the flaps they can write/count by five to easily tell the time to five minutes. Which isn't a specific first grade skill, but it's still nice to introduce!

Here is a look at the sheet we send home to the parents. 

Also, Friday night is our Mayfair May Fair! The theme: Swamp Stomp!
If you are in the Baton Rouge area Friday night come swing by for some FREE family fun! 

Well I hope you have a fabulous week!! 

Happy Teaching!!

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