Sneak Peek Sunday - Week 32

Happy Sunday :)

My spring break is almost over but it has been productive! A full day has been had by all - swimming, apartment hunting, visiting, eating, cleaning, working. A teacher/mother's job is never done. Wouldn't trade it for the world though.

Just thought I'd share a quick jot tonight. Give you a little look into my week. I've spent YEARS trying to find the proper lesson plan format that works for me. I think I have finally done it this time!

It's fun, it's colorful, it's clipart-ed. I've got the standards and the objectives, and the prep. LOVE!! 
My small group plans are of a similar format. 

This week we've got Plants on the brain. We will be learning all about the life cycle, reading some wonderful books, and we will end the week with the best field trip EVER. We are going to Mrs. Heather's Strawberry Farm in Albany, LA. We went last year and had a blast. The kiddos get to run around and pick strawberries straight from the vine. There's a petting zoo and a pillow jumper. Mrs. Heather gives them a lesson in strawberry planting and growing. The bus ride is quite a stretch for my firsties but once we get there they forget all about that. And they are so worn out from the patch that they can barely stay awake on the ride back. But oh, when we get back and they have their clamshell of strawberries, they wake up quick and want to talk all about it!

In Reading we are on Lesson 26 of Journeys with The Dot. Our writing activity is on opinions so we will be painting our own dots and then writing our opinions about our friends' paintings. Keeping art alive in the classroom!! I love paint!! 

A little bit more about my planning: 
In my planning binder I keep these, the small group plans, and the materials lists for math and science/ss. I try to keep these plans updated by Thursday of each week so I can spend my Planning on Friday prepping the centers and materials for the next week. A lot of times Sometimes this doesn't happen. :) I've spent more than enough time at home with books and plans and products spiraled around me planning. Netflix really helps. 

How do you plan for the week? What is your favorite planner? Do you make your own? 

Happy Teaching!

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