We all Love in the Same Color: Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we read books and did a great activity to reinforce the amazing contributions this man has given to the world. 

We started by reading this book. 
It's such a great book to introduce MLK to the kiddos because it's simple language, colorful pictures, and kids can relate to the story. 

Then we talked about our differences as a class. The kids looked at each other and told one or two things that they liked about their classmate and how the differences made them a great person. 
They held out their arms and talked about different colors and how that made everyone special and unique!!

Then we did an activity from First Grade Wow! Great stuff over there!! 
 I brought in a lot of different apples and talked about how they were different on the outside.  Then I cut the apples in half so we could see the insides - there were all the same!

And bonus - each one has a star inside, just like each of us!

To finish the lesson everyone got a paper that read one of his favorite quotes, "Not the color of our skin, but the content of our character."
(click for a copy)

They drew pictures and wrote about what they thought Martin's dream meant and how it has been realized today. Great job kiddos!!

How do you celebrate Dr. King? 

Happy Teaching!!

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