Water Travels in a Cycle, Yes it Does!

Around and around and around and around and around it goes!! The water cycle is amazing!

We are rocking and rolling in first grade, learning all about evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. To explore this phenomenom, we of course experimented!

Thank you Pinterest! Water cycle in a cup. Check out the pics!

So we started with water in a cup the day before, dyed blue (because obviously water is blue!). After marking the level of water, we set the cups outside and hoped for evaporation!

Later....the next day. We began our cycle experiement. Making observations. 

 Recording our observations!

Then we added clouds (shaving cream). And dropped drops of "rain" (food coloring) onto the clouds and waited......

Thanks to patience, a lot of food coloring, and of course gravity - our water cycles in a cup started to rain! It was so cool!! 

Today was ALSO the 100th day!! 

Hooray! We made it! 

 We made 100th day hats with 10 strips and then we put 10 different items on each strip. Here's a breakdown:
1. 10 foam stickers
2. 10 star stickers
3. 10 any stickers
4. 10 letter stamps
5. 10 picture stamps
6. 10 pieces of pasta
7. 10 sequin/glitter pieces
8. 10 hole punches
9. 10 bingo daubers
10. 10 pieces of colored paper

Then we stapled them around a sentence strip and viola! Crazy 100th day hats! 
Now I've only got 75 days left to make these firsties into second graders. No time to waste!

Happy Teaching!

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