Lesson 11, Journeys for First Grade INB!!

Wow!! The Journeys Interactive Notebook for first grade has been unbelievably popular!!! Not only on my TpT store but also in my classroom! We have been working hard on creating our notebooks. The students are doing wonderful. I wanted to share a bit how I do them in the classroom.

I mostly use the activities as an exit ticket after teaching the mini lesson, before the students move into Daily 5. I've also added an extra center to the Daily 5 as the Interactive Notebook Center. This is used as an early finisher activity - for when they finish their work.

We are currently finishing up Lesson 10 in Unit 2 and planning on doing a review week next week along with From Seed to Pumpkin! I've been super busy at school so I've not been able to work as much on the INBs for Unit 3 as I would have liked but they are on their way!

So that being said, here is Lesson 11 for Unit 3!!

So many fun activities to work on! 
Lesson 11 focuses on: 

High frequency words (8 this unit)
Digraph th and spelling words with th
Base words and –s, -es, -ed, -ing endings
Proper nouns
Classify and categorize words
Author’s purpose
Informative writing

You can grab your copy of Lesson 11 {HERE} on sale for $1!! 


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