Penguin Pals!! Balancing Addition Facts

Heeeellllllooooooo!! Man, It's already December?? What happened??? I have been having some technical issues with my computers at home and at school so I've been a little long in posting updates but I'm back with a new activity on balancing facts!

As I'm sure you are aware, I LOVE Penguins!!!!!!!!!!! They are so stinkin' adorable!! Can't get enough. So I made Penguin Pals!

The kiddos LOVED this activity. I made a giant penguin for use on the floor as a whole group lesson: 
I then made numbers and plus signs on construction paper.
Each child received a recording page:

and we began!

Everyone got a chance to choose a fact and try to balance it. We kept track on our recording pages and used our personal workmats later on to reinforce the whole group activity. 

They had a blast. 

I also placed a smaller version in the centers. 

Like this activity? Think your class would benefit? Then check it out in my TpT store {HERE} and happy balancing!!

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