120 Board Pumpkin Activities!!

I am so excited to share this one with you!!! My kiddos love when I pull out the 120 board because they know that we are about to get up and moving and having fun, all while learning!!

Recently, I found some adorable fall leaves and miniature fall squash at the Dollar Tree. I immediately started thinking about what we could do with these things. I already created and posted my Spin and Subtract game that you can grab for FREE for a limited time and the kids loved it!! 

Now, I've come up with some different activities to do wiht my giant 120 board. 
I bought a Dollar Tree white shower curtain and cut it in half and divided it up into 12 rows of ten. I wrote the numbers 1-120 in black sharpie marker. I first used it last year during Easter time with some wind up chicks and we did Greater Than and Less Than. 


But now that it's Fall and I found all that cute stuff at Dollar Tree, I've created a new packet: 

With lots of ready made ideas for you to use: 

I've got you covered with some generic recording pages for accountability: 

And some Fun Fall themed manipulatives in case your Dollar Tree is sold out: 

I just know my firsties are gonna love playing with these math games. Grab your free packet right {{HERE}}!!


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