Happy Fall Y'all!!! Spin and Subtract fun!!

How's y'alls Fall coming around?? Ours is quite slow if I do say so myself. High temperatures are still keeping in check but the pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere!!

I just wanted to share with you a quick little math game we played this week - Fall themed of course!!

Spin and Subtract!!

The kids loved it!! We used our giant tens frame board (made from a Dollar Tree shower curtain and some duct tape) and some large construction paper leaves to make some subtraction problems. 

First, we spin a spinner two times to get two numbers. 
Then we model the greatest number on the board

We subtract the smaller number and write a number sentence. Take away the eaves and we have our answer!! Everyone kept track of their number sentences on our white boards. 

I also found some fake leaves at the Dollar Tree and placed them in a center with a spinner and a smaller tens frame board. Made a little recording page as well for accountability.

I love seeing the kiddos up and moving and having fun with math! They love the hands on activities and I've got many more to come! 

If you'd like your own copy, you can download it for FREE right {HERE} for a limited time!

Thanks and happy teaching!!

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