Word Work Centers Freebie!!!

I just love freebies!!!!!!!! And spelling practice!! I love coming up with new ways to practice working with our building words.  And here's my newest freebie: 

I have drawers for all my Building Words supplies. I print out these posters and laminate them. Then I print out the recording pages I use and make class copies. I put the pages along with the original in a large brown envelope with the Center Poster. Students can then take the envelope and supplies with them to an appropriate work space. 

The posters are as follows: 
Magnetic Letters - 2 recording pages
Wikki Stix
White Board - 
Playdough - 4 recording pages, also included is editable PowerPoint file to create workmats
Rainbow Write - 4 recording pages
Word Wall - 1 recording page
ABC Order - 2 recording pages
Markerpalooza - 2 recording pages

Parents - this is a great way to reinforce what we are doing in school, at home! 

I hope you can use and enjoy this little freebie for a limited time!!

These are all pretty simple centers featuring a variety of recording pages from which to choose. Most of my centers are self contained with minimal prep time. We may however create a themed Word Work center focusing on words in our content area or we may put a phonics game in the games drawer every once in a while. The children like to see things changed up, so I try to keep it updated. 

If you want your own FREE copy, click on the picture below and make sure to leave feedback!! Thanks so much, and Happy Teaching!!


  1. These word working freebies look awesome! How do I open them to be able to start using them? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! You can download them for free in my TPT store here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREEBIE-Word-Work-Centers-1444999! Thank you!


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