Vacation time!! Philadelphia history. And a trip to the Crayola Experience

Yes, I go on vacation and still work on school stuff.  I saw these and immediately lessons and activities started forming in my mind.  Too bad I didn't bring my laptop or I'd be sitting by the pool creating a compare and contrast lesson using Now and Ben. But I can wait.  Maybe.  

Here we are on the plane leaving Baton Rouge and heading to Dallas.  So excited for this week in the northeast, primarily because they think it's hot at 88 degrees up here and it's 98 degrees at home.  The humidity is also less and I'm not drinking the air.  Loving it!!!!!!!!!

Having a blast up here in Pennsylvania! We have been everywhere in the city of Philadelphia.  Carly has a friend that lives in Philly, and her family was gracious enough to show us around.  They took us to all the tourist stops, but also to little known places that only locals go to.  

Have you ever heard of water ice?? It's like a sno come but made in a custard machine so it's like creamier.  And DELICIOUS!!! 
I got pineapple and Carly had cherry.  Must try again!!!!

And a trip to Philly wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky steps!!

Love park

We even had real Philly cheese steak at Tony Luke's and it was awesome!!!! No pics of it though because I devoured it.  Quickly.  

Here are some more pics of Philadelphia: saw the stadiums, liberty bell, independence hall, Ben Franklin's grave, the constitution center, the navy yard, Betsy Ross house

On our way to Shawnee-on-Delaware we stopped in Easton at the Crayola Experience. A teacher's dream come true!!!!!!!!!!
It was all crayons everywhere!! Including the world's largest crayon, Big Blue.
Lots to do and lots to see.  I made personalized crayons 
And I made a giant 2 lb. crayon and totally named it after myself.  
They had melted crayons to paint with, you could mold your own crayons, modeling clay, make your own markers and crayons, and they had a huge indoor jungle gym for the kiddos.  
Look at all those crayons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may have been slightly more excited than Carly.  

But she played along. For my sake.

Visit or download the app from iTunes or Android for more information.  This place was truly amazing.  

Well that's it for now!! Tomorrow we are doing NYC!!!!!!!!! I'm sure I'll find something educational there to incorporate into my classroom. Cannot wait!!!! 


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