Pom Pom Tutorial

I have been making tissue paper pom poms all day!! It has been a riot. Good times.

It's also a big mess. But my classroom is going to be so cute!! I've documented all my work and I'm going to attempt to teach you how to make them!!

First get lots of tissue paper. I buy from Dollar Tree because let's face it, I'm a teacher. You'll need at least 10 sheets of each color for each pom.
Dollar Tree has blue, green, yellow, pink, and red packs. And yellow, lilac, light pink, and light green packs. And I'm sure there's white but I wasn't looking for those.

Next, lay out 10 sheets of the color you want to make and get it as flat as you possible can. I take an iron to the stack. Put it on a low setting and iron away. It's good to do about three sheets at a time.
Then stack them up as best you can to get them even. You can use this full size and make a big pom, but you might want to add 5 more sheets of paper to fill it out. Or you can cut the paper to the size you want. 

Accordion fold the short end. 
Twist a pipe cleaner (also from the Dollar Tree) around the middle of the stacked, folded paper. 
This is also the time that I tie the ribbon from which I'm going to hang the pom. 
I'm just using regular black curling ribbon, but you can use what you wish. 

Cut both the ends either rounded or in points. I prefer rounded because it makes a prettier pom. 

It doesn't have to be perfectly rounded!! Believe me, it's not that easy. 
Fan out the papers. Then you carefully start peeling layers away from the center. 

Keep peeling layer after layer until all are done. I like to flop back and forth from one side to another to try to keep it even. 

Finally, you will have a fun, puffy pom pom!! Of course you'll kinda have to fluff and play around with it some, but it will eventually look something like this: 

Keep playing around with different sizes and cuts and you can have a whole bunch of fun poms!!

Hope this helps!! Have fun!!!


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