Accuracy Animals!

I just got back from the best trip ever!! We went to Pennsylvania for our Family Vacation 2014 and saw a ton of stuff! I tried to do a blog post via the Blogger app, but wifi up in the Poconos was iffy. But more on that trip later.

I wanted to share with you an adorable new set I just designed to help with teaching accuracy next year. These cute little animals are designed to help children in primary grades remember strategies for decoding words while reading.

Each strategy has a cute little animal to help students associate strategies and remember them while reading.

This set includes:
8 animal posters
Student strategy chart
8 Take home cards for students
These little cards can be copied, cut, and sent home on the day you teach the strategy as a reminder and good reinforcement at home. 

I am also working on some bookmarks that will correspond to these Accuracy Animals! 
They are available in store {HERE}.

Try them out and let me know what you think!!


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