Scoop a Ten!

Well we have started Module 2 from A Story of Units, from the New York State Common Core Curriculum. The first few lessons are on making a ten from 3 addends and finding a way to make a ten from 2 addends. My little friends were having some trouble with it, so I decided to create a center game they could spend extra time practicing.

Sticking with my ice cream theme that I've been using lately (don't worry - I'll get sick of it soon!!) I created "Scoop a Ten!"

This center game includes a poster with a poem, two sets of directions (one with just words, one with words and pictures), and a recording sheet. Simply print out, laminate, and place in a center. The kids can scoop up the ice cream, use three addends, find a ten, and solve an equation. 

Hope you enjoy scoopin' up a ten and solvin' some tasty problems!

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